Why we go Diving ?

Why we go Diving ?

To me, Diving is the only time that i can escape the urban jungle noises and engaged the weightlessness feel when i am in the ocean. The corals, the fishes and the whole Eco system alive in front of you is just outstanding. However, my journey as a diver didn’t just start like anyone else. I was actually afraid of Sea as I’ve been traumatized before. I was nearly drown when i was just 8-9 at Port Dickson (a local beach nearest to the city center) I was playing like any other kids that age would. Sand castles, burying my sister or was it the other way round, not too sure but i clearly remembered i was drowning and i was screaming and flailing my hands for help, and my parents thought i was ecstatically happily dancing….until they can’t see my hands no more and rushed out to save me. I am sure i drank like a few gallons of sea water that day.

However, moving forward a few years with high school, college and uni,  I didn’t once touch or participated in any Ocean activities anymore. Maybe the most was just a stroll along the sandy area while making sure the water was forever until my knee level. Until one day i was with my then GF (now Ex Wife but that’s another story for another day) wanted to go snorkeling and below us was this bunch of clown fish trying to intimate us (we’re too near its nest i guess) and i suddenly forgotten about my phobia and took off my life jacket to pay them a closer visit.  Amateur style free diving downwards….it was just beautiful. The sun was shining brightly and that 5-6 meter dive was like endless to me, if it wasn’t for my short of breathe, i would have stayed forever.

So when i was up at the surface, i told me then GF now Ex Wife that i needed to stay longer, and she suggested that we take up Scuba Diving. Went sourcing around for a reputable instructor and got everything done in within a month, theory, pool class and all and that was back in 2004. 14 years forward now being an Instructor, i still see myself in some student during their first Open water class, the joy and excitement and the fear. I usually add in respect the sea to my class as we can never take anything for granted. 14 years and after 4 thousands over dives, with technical and deep dives in my belt, i still love teaching open waters.

So after the long story about myself and my career now, we ask ourselves, Why do we go diving ? well for myself is because i truly love the sea and everything inside. I love the eco system and how everything is domino to each other. I love the aspect of staying that long underwater. I love taking videos and pictures and showing to my friends and family. I love the sound of bubbles and nothing else but it (except the annoying tank banging) I love the concept of teaching the newer generations how to dive and my legacy to them on protecting the sea. I love the fact that i can buy lots and lots of gears. The love for the Earth’s most precious element. That’s why I love diving. You need to find your love of it, is uniquely yours. This is mine.