Equipment Services


Below are the prices for the standard services that Discover Scuba Sdn Bhd offers for your scuba diving equipment.

If the service that you looking for is not listed below, please contact us to get further assists and we can provide you with a quote.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: All prices below do not include service kits or parts unless is stated.

                                          All prices below are subject to change without notice.


SERVICE ITEM                                                           PRICE


    First Stage                                                                                               RM 80.00

    Primary Second Stage                                                                           RM 60.00

    Alternate Air Source / Octopus                                                           RM 60.00

         NOTE:  Service Kits for First Stage, Second Stage and Octopus are varies on price as per the brand.

   Dive Computer Battery Change

      Suunto (Battery included)                                                                  RM 185.00

          NOTE:  Shearwater and Ratio Dive Computers Battery Change are varies on price due to sending out for service and repairs in Italy or New Zealand.