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All price of Courses below do not include Island Trip Fee unless is stated.
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Courses List

Course Price
Recreational Diving Courses  (SDI)
Scuba Discovery (Credited to OW Course Fees) RM 200
Refresher  RM 300 – 500
Future Buddies Program RM 250
Open Water Scuba Diver RM 1500
(Same for Junior OW)
Advanced Adventure Diver RM 950
Rescue Diver (Mandatory to have FRTI) RM 950
(FRTI) Adult & Child Emergency Care + Oxygen Administration RM 650
(Two Certifications)
Computer Nitrox  RM 550
Divemaster RM 3500
Instructor Development Course (IDC) + Instructor Evaluation (IE) RM 8500
Technical Diving Courses  (TDI)
Nitrox RM 650
Advance Nitrox RM 1800
Decompression Procedure RM 1800
Sidemount RM 1800
Extended Range RM 1800
Gas Blender RM 650
Advance Gas Blender RM 650
Technical Diving Instructor Courses  (TDI) 
Nitrox RM 1200
Advance Nitrox RM 1200
Decompression Procedure RM 1500
Sidemount RM 1500
Extended Range RM 1500
Gas Blender RM 1200
Advance Gas Blender RM 1200