Rasa Sayang Mantanani Dive Resort



Name of Resort :  Rasa Sayang Mantanani

Rooms : 200

Facilities : From Snorkeling to full technical dives (nitrox/trimix upon request)

Dives Sites:  Approximately 18-25 (some require technical certification)

In House instructor/DM: 3 Instructor and 5 DMs (most with technical knowledge)

Food: All Halal Food served (no pork) and plenty of seafood to choose from. You can even purchase some fresh lobsters or abalones if you wish to add that to your meals

Mantanani is a beautiful island off Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (There’s Mantanani Besar and Mantanani Kecil meaning Big and Small). It’s about 25-30 mins to Jetty from KK Airport and feature a beautiful river cruise before heading to the actual island (another 30-45 mins). The first thing anyone will notice about the island is the crystal clear turquoise sea only to be greeted with soft powdery sands. Rasa Sayang Resort is one of 5 resorts situated along that beach with unobstructed view. Beautiful sight even if you’re there just for a day.

Tech Diving with twin tank and side mount

I am not sure about the other resorts but Rasa Sayang Resort is fully equipped to handle leisure diving to technical diving with nitrox or trimix (but Trimix you need to inform them weeks ahead for them to prepare the helium gasses for you). They have competent instructors and divemasters to lead you to some exciting sites such as 1 of the 3 deep wrecks  (50M and below) Most agencies like TDI or IDREO runs their tech training here all year round. Instructor Trainer like Jason Lim‘s Favorite playground especially during off season

Food wise is pretty much standard but with option to add additional seafood via the small market situated just outside the resort. Lobsters, abalones, groupers or sometimes stingrays (please note this side of Sabah is a fishing dominated village and these produce may vary) Like all island in Malaysia, any Pork Meat or non Halal food is not allowed. Please dont’ sneak in any, i mean seriously, for your duration of your stay without pork won’t really harm you right ?

There are many interesting dive sites, some leisure and some technical so plan accordingly. Leisure dive sites is around 18 sites and 5-6 more for tech (dept and wreck).      *Note: Enjoy the above video here, if you encounter error when playing video.

and our recent trip there with students and friends

Mantanani is good all year round with no obstruction on view and free from any disasters but the best time with good visibility are from March to November so book early to avoid disappointment. Have fun now.

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